Monday, October 03, 2005

From the sky, hot tea and full size.

1. Seeing St Paul's Cathedral and The Millennium Bridge and The Tate Modern from the plane.

2. Wrapping my hands around a mug of real English tea that had been made with a fresh teabag and boiling water.

3. Lying diagonally across my double bed after a week of skimpy single beds.


  1. Welcome back. Coming home is good compensation for not being away.

  2. I still chuckle thinking about the sign advertising 'Fat Hardy Mums' at a garden centre at the bottom of Vermont!

  3. 2a. real tea made with tea leaves (not in a teabag). (Does anyone in England still do that?)

  4. I make tea with real tea leaves, but then I live in Tunbridge Wells.

  5. I usually make tea with real tea leaves, but for convenience and speed, nothing beats of teabag. Actually, that beautiful thing started out as a plaint against the American way of stale tea bags
    (apparently filled with sawdust) and served with hot water in a cup. But whining isn't a beautiful thing, so I edited.


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