Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trick, sleep and back on his feed.

1. I show The Mother the trick with the greaseproof paper when grating orange rind*. I am very gratified that she hasn't seen it before.

2. I have some baby-free, work-free time. I go to bed and sleep.

3. After a few days of not wanting any food, Alec takes an interest in supper. He eats almost a whole sausage and good piece of toad batter.

* Put a piece of greaseproof over the grater, and grate the orange through it. The rind sticks to the paper and is easy to scrape off.


  1. That's clever, I hadn't heard it either!

  2. that sounds like a fabulous trick ... but since I'm not there can you clarify to me what is "toad batter"

  3. And clarify "greaseproof paper"? In the states we use cling wrap and there is also what we call waxed paper.

  4. Toad in the hole -- probably easiest to Google it.

    Definitely not cling wrap. I don't know what waxed paper is. Why not have a play and see if it works?


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