Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rhymer, museum and big eyes.

1. Alec laughing at the thought of watching a crane in the rain through a window pane on the train while drinking Champagne.

2. We let Alec lead us round the London Transport Museum. He boards buses of by-gone decades, presses buttons, shies at horses and bounces on defunct railway carriage upholstery. Nick and I take turns to sneak off to view at posters and to admire London Underground's design integrity. All in all, a satisfactory day.

3. No-one took any notice of Bettany dozing in the sling, expect a German lady tourist who, as we were leaving, commented on the pair of enormous blue eyes peering out from under my arm.


  1. I hope you were in Spain at the time.

    1. We caught the train across the plain and into Spain. They brought us Champagne and glancing through the windowpane we saw a crane working in the rain.

      We had problems the next day when I served fruit for pudding: he sat nicely on his chair, but the pear ended up in his hair. I'm just thankful it wasn't a plum (or a chilli).


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