Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Slow down, end of autumn and what are you doing.

1. Alec complains that his scooter goes too fast down hill. I make a suggestion. He gives it a try and I feel as if my heart will burst at the stylish way he uses his scooting foot to touch the orange brake.

2. The beeches in their end of autumn colours look like the heart of a log fire.

3. A particularly sanctimonious parenting feed on Facebook asks us to say what our children are doing right now -- "It gives such a wonderful snapshot of play!" My honest answer would be "Watching television and eating cake." I don't offer it up -- who needs a bunch of insecure sanctimummies lecturing you about activities more wholesome than TV?


  1. I love the word "sanctimummies" . . . it should make it to the dictionary ;-)
    . . . and it does sound to me that you are a stellar mother to your very happy children.

  2. I agree storytellermary. Lovely posts - I could just visualise Alec with his scooter and have experienced heart swelling with pride many times, and it still goes on, now they are grown up (degree ceremonies, one wedding, incl. middle son as best man. Youngest producing the school play and getting a standing ovation at end. (sorry to show off, but it gets you that way!) Have you seen strider bikes for later on. They look fun - here's a link - http://www.striderbikes.co.uk/

  3. I'm sure after all his scootering he deserves cake&telly. L&A used to do that for me, biscuits & a David Attenborough video, buried in cushions on the sofa, were my treat for any particularly nice outing.


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