Friday, December 20, 2013

Not worse, up again and sing-song.

1. I was feeling crestfallen because my shoulder seems worse again. The physio is cheerful though: "Of course having a cold will make it hurt with the muscle pains and so on."

2. Having said that, I did lift a flagging Alec up on to my shoulders without much trouble.

3. To peer between a row of people crouched on tiny chairs and see Alec singing along with his friends. And to see every staff member with at least two children on their lap.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely reflection . . . when my favorite Santa visits our allergist for his shot (Did you know Santa is allergic to dust and mold?) he tells the older siblings that everything they do is teaching their younger siblings how to act, so if you hug them and are nice, they will be that way to you . . . You've just proven Santa's wisdom (not that I needed proof ;-)
    I hope your cold and shoulder are all better soon. Healing hugs. (((Clare)))


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