Friday, September 13, 2013

Going up, on the road and game over.

1. I'm a bit wary when it comes to dropping off time -- Alec has gone up a room at nursery, and I'm afraid he'll object to the change. But he sees a familiar face and runs in, shouting that he's a big boy now. It turns out that several of his favourite staff have moved up with him.

2. An elderly man trundling a shopping basket in the opposite direction pauses to look at Bettany. I stop, too, so he can have a proper see. He admires her, and then tells me that his wife lost several pregnancies early on. "It's a long time since we've had a baby. Our daughter's 52." He says that really they had two babies: "With one of them, she got to four and half months along, so baby was fully formed."
His story made me feel very grateful for my own circumstances; and I was touched that he would share with me his story of those lost babies.

3. My character in Meredith's game is killed in a skirmish with some orcs. Meredith is as dismayed as I am -- more so, I think. For me, the chance that your character might die adds a certain frisson to the game. It's like gambling, I suppose, upping the stakes by putting love into your character makes it all the more exciting.


  1. Congratulations to Alec on being a "Big Boy" now.

    Shame about the death of your night elf, though, but you are totally right about the threat of character death adding something to a game. If characters are indestructible, then campaigns can quickly devolve into silly "power fantasies".

  2. What a touching encounter . . . and we who admire babies are grateful to parents who allow the time for us to admire yours. All the "babies" in my close family are taller than I am now, and I taught high school (teen-agers) who were mostly taller than I as well, so being with a baby or toddler is a treat.
    I applaud Alec's school for moving staff up with them to keep the setting familiar. Those attachments are strong.


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