Saturday, October 25, 2014

Encore, spin-off and costume.

1. To sing to Bettany while I change her nappy. Alec from the other room looks up from the tablet long enough to ask: 'Sing that John one again.'

2. I come down from settling Bettany for her nap and find Alec in front of Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures. His eyes are like saucers and he is so full of questions (me too -- how did he even manage to navigate the watch again menu?). Later he tells me that the two of us, like Sarah Jane and her adopted son Luke, are a team defending the Earth from aliens.

3. Bettany's Halloween costume arrives. It's beautiful and it will only fit for a short while so I put her in it. She pats the layers of net and struts around with a little smile on her face... and then brings me her wellies.


  1. I thought the 'John one' might be 'oh no John, no John no!' which my mum used to sing when we were kids (sometimes substituting 'Spanish captain' with 'Spanish onion'), but John Peel is also very nostalgic, I used to love to shiver at the bit about 'now he is gone so far far away...'.

    1. I've looked it up and I hope your mother sang the sanitized version!

  2. I'm afraid she did only sing the sanitised version; however, I am glad to have lived long enough to learn the other, for which thanks! I rather wish I could have shared it with her in fact...


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