Sunday, February 19, 2006

Oh yes, banishment and responsibility.

1. 6am conversation in the Grant Tent:
Clare: What are you writing?
Rosey: Nothing.
Clare: Is it a note to that cyclist from last night?
Rosey: It's just my e-mail address. I told him I'd leave it for him.
Scribble scribble scribble pause
Rosey: How do you spell ganglion?

2. Discovering that telling pestiferous traders to go away really does work.

3. I am a godmother to Eleanor Beatrice Lyra Walker (otherwise known as Ellie B, Ellie Bright, Ellie Brave and Ellie Beautiful). Cat and Alan, what an honour for me -- but she'd better not turn out as naughty as her Northern Lights namesake.

Blantyre to Selima, Malawi