Saturday, May 06, 2006

Brew up, set-up and critics.

1. Working from home because I can have teapot tea throughout the day, rather than teabag tea.

2. PaulV announcing that he wants to run away and open a hotel... Hmmm, sounds like a sitcom. The hook would be cosmopolitan townie moves to small southcoast seaside resort thinking that he will kickstart the liberal revolution there. But he turns out to be more prejudiced than the residents. With hilarious consequences. I imagined a busty Barbara Windsor-type receptionist; a painfully rude waiter who muttered 'vultures' at the guests; an infestation of a mystery animal in the cellar -- whenever a guest mentioned it, the response would be 'It's not rats.' And there would be asylum seekers arguing in Albanian in the lobby. And a social services family is moved in at the same time as a very stuck-up middle-class family comes to stay -- with hilarious consequences.

'I don't like the way you are talking my hotel in about episodes,' said Paul.

3. We haven't seen James for ages because he has a girlfriend. When we dropped him off, PaulV said sarcastically to him: 'See you at Christmas.'

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  1. I love that,"It's not rats" thing! You have a delightful sense of humor!


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