Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wool, message and stretch.

1. I bought a few wintery clothes in the sales at the start of April. I put them away and imagined that I wouldn't see them again until autumn. But it's been so cold that I've had to dig out my new crochetted hat and wear it.

2. Getting a fiver with 'quit your job' written on it in my change.

3. My yoga teacher was showing off one of the star pupils -- a man who could get into the crab position -- body arched, hands and feet on the floor, arms and legs fully extended. As she explained how wonderful he was, he went redder and redder, though from shyness or exertion I couldn't tell.


  1. 2. Did you quit?
    3. Did he pass out or fall down?

    4. Not being picked at yoga to demonstrate anything.

  2. Did you? Did he...and amen!

  3. 2. No -- I love my job. I had to give it to my osteopath. He said he wouldn't either; but perhaps he'll pass it on to someone who needs it.

    3. He neither passed nor fell -- it was very impressive.

    4. I don't think I'd ever be picked to demonstrate anything but the ill effects of not being very flexible.


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