Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lie still, tea and booklovers.

1. These days, it doesn't pay to get up too quickly. I must be patient with myself -- and with Baby Badger. I like to lie in bed until 8.30am and watch (through the curtains that I have opened for reading light) the wind shaking the blue-grey gum tree across the car park.

2. With my mug of tea I get three ginger biscuits.

3. We watched BBC4's Among the Ruins, a documentary about British novelists between the wars. The series features rare footage of some of these towering names: E. M. Forster (who seemed like a charming, disarming dear), Graham Greene (who wouldn't show his face), Evelyn Waugh (who was breath-takingly rude); Barbara Cartland (who was just... Barbara Cartland) and Virginia Woolf. Check out 08:38, where Alan Bennett mocks the Bloomsbury set. I could have kissed him, because (this is very shaming to admit, and I know I'm letting the woman writer side down) my admiration for Virginia Woolf is very grudging.


  1. I am wordless with admiration for anybody with the discipline to limit themself to three ginger biscuits.

  2. It was one of those small three-packs, so it was no great feat of self-denial. But thank you for thinking I might be that disciplined.

  3. I'm with you on the V. Woolf thing. I find myself uninspired with her...not sure why though.
    Oh and Ginger helps with any pregnancy related ginger biscuits (by my powers of deduction) are also helpful :)

  4. I have to agree with you as well about V. Woolf. I think it's possible to change the world with words and be uplifting at the same time. It's just a matter of what you choose to see.

  5. I also watched the prog about Writers, fascinating, and the second one I watched on Iplayer was good too. Looking forward to the third which will bring it up to date.
    The Bloomsbury group may seem a bit of an acquired taste these days - though I have aways been rather fond of E M Forster. I can just about cope with V Woolf, I like her way of writing, though might not have liked her much. The novelist/poet who I cannot like (have tried) is Sylvia Plath. And everyone seems to think she was brilliant. Guess that proves we are all different ...
    Like the images of you enjoying your biscuits and reading in the morning.
    Have 'rediscovered' Three Beautiful Things, and am enjoying again your glimpses of the world and optimism. At the moment you are one of my 'beautiful things' - thank you.


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