Friday, August 13, 2010

Parcels, work and a foodshop.

1. I have been fretting all day about whether they will deliver our bookshelves down our narrow cobbled street. "It's not very friendly for a lorry," says the delivery man, as he wheels the boxes down from the corner.

2. Getting words down, one by one, until the article is finished. There is a time for everything.

3. Louise, Charlotte and I go shopping for this weekend's trip. We slip childish (and more grown-up) treats in among the camping supplies. This is about pleasure, not budgeting and good nutrition.


  1. I love your three beautiful things makes you stop and think about the lovely things in life, which get so muddled up with the sometimes dull routine of a normal day! x x

  2. More bookshelves - room for more books!


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