Monday, September 13, 2010

In my pocket, falling with style and the pudding.

1. To put my hand in my dressing gown pocket and find a clean, folded handkerchief.

2. She is still getting the hang of this walking. A man who might be her father or her grandfather watches anxiously as she totters and then goes over. She wonders at the ground and then picks up a leaf and hands it to him -- she wasn't falling, she was having a closer look.

3. Nick has made steak and kidney pudding for supper -- it spends the afternoon steaming: pff-pff-pff, with the occasional feisty hiss.


  1. 'she wasn't falling, she was having a closer look.' I love that!

  2. If I didn't think that Nick sounded like the perfect husband already, the news that he can make a steak and kidney pudding would surely convince me...


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