Thursday, September 02, 2010

Wriggling, supper in and I will go to sleep.

I've been told that filling the freezer up with easy meals is very important in the weeks leading up to the birth. Does anyone have any recipes that freeze well? Or any freezer tips? Or even any recommended blogs on the subject? I've never had a freezer before, so I'm finding my way a bit.

1. If I'm working, I tend to not notice Baby Badger's movements -- it's horrible to suddenly realise that the last wriggle I can remember was just after breakfast; and I'm always relieved to feel a flutter (or a massive four-way jab as the case may be).

2. I like to stick my supper in the oven and forget about it until it's time to eat.

3. The scent of lavender on my pillow.


  1. Those kicks and jabs are reassuring, aren't they!

    Soups and stews freeze well. So do most meals made in a slow cooker. All of these are good because you can make them fairly easily in large quantities. I mostly froze (and still do now that our daughter is 2) our meals in single serving portions. When you're breast feeding and up at all hours of the day and night, you might eat on a different schedule than your husband. Now that we're both working, it's a nice way to have some variety in our lunches and we don't have to have the same thing.

    Martha Stewart has a collection of recipes that freeze well on her website and I know there are other websites out there that specialize in frozen meals. There's also a cookbook - I'll see if I can track down the name - that is all about freezing your meals for later use and it's another larger quantity kind of thing.

    Good luck!

  2. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your child! I've missed this blog. I hope to get back to my reading now.

  3. I freeze everything....only thing that doesn't freeze well are leafy greens (unless cooked and you don't mind it thawing into a sort of green slosh). Don't stress too much about preplanning, it is great but often you find that babies love to sleep to the sound of industry and quite often sleep wonderfully in the pram next to the kitchen table! Make sure you eat lots of fresh fruit and vege too, not just frozen stuff :) Now I'm being a bossy mum lol

  4. When you have chicken now, keep bones and stuff, and make stock - if you don't mind the smell of it simmering! My freezer is largely taken up with chicken stock or chicken carcases to make into stock. It means with just basic store cupboard stuff - onions, carrots, frozen peas a chicken stock cube and ideally a bit of chicken meat, which can also be frozen cooked or raw, but if you don't have it no matter, bacon lardons are quite handy and freeze too - you can make soup/stew quite easily. Stodge can be supplied by bread, potatoes, or best of all dumplings.

    I guess this isn't so much for when you are really pushed, and energy time and hands are in really short supply, but it's a good winter thing, and great when you don't have much in or time or chance to go shopping, and it's a one-pot thing too, and doesn't require spot-on timing, the longer things like this simmer the better.

    When is BB actually due, Clare?

  5. Thanks, everyone! I'm really glad to have the advice.

    Lucy -- BB is due around the middle of December. I'm thinking it might be early though -- just got that feeling.

  6. Nanny Shanny -- I've just been looking at Martha Stewart's website, and I've found the frozen section...

    The frozen dessert section, that is. Frozen mocha toffee crunch terrine... frozen green tea souffles... ice cream sandwich cookies. Mmmmm.


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