Friday, November 25, 2011

Rigid, planet and found my phone.

1. When I try to put Alec in the pushchair he grumbles, arches his back and goes rigid. It's irritating because it's cold and dark and I really want to get us home. But it's funny, too, because my mother recently described me doing exactly this as a baby; and I'm very flattered that he would prefer to be carried in my arms; and it's amazing to see him expressing himself so clearly.

2. The first star is so bright that it must be a planet. It's in the eastern sky and we are walking straight towards it. I can't wait to see Alec find out about space.

3. To see my lost mobile phone glowing down the back of the sofa.


  1. I love 2, don't forget to call on Rog, he'll be delighted if Alec takes an interest!

  2. Will do -- I've never forgotten his demonstration of planetary distances using my globe -- Mars in the spare room, Pluto way away outside!


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