Sunday, November 27, 2011

A word from Alec, bagels and home farm.

1. I wake up super early with a knot in my stomach. Nick is half-awake beside me, and I tell him that I'm feeling anxious. Alec rolls over in his cot and pulls the cord on his music box. "See," says Nick. "Alec doesn't want you to worry either. He wants us to listen to Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

2. There is one step in the recipe that I'm a bit wary of: the poaching. I can't help but imagine my bagels falling apart in the seething water. But they bob around and puff up -- they take on the texture of wobbly thighs, however. They smooth out as they bake, and turn reddish brown and glossy.

3. "Oh, really," I tell the lady on the rapeseed oil stall, "I grew up in Staplehurst."
"Small world," she says.
I tell her which farm.
"That's the one," she says. "The big field behind the white cottages."
Really small world. And I buy a bottle of her oil.


  1. Oooh, real tabloid headline there ;) Thought Alec had said his first word!!! See you tomorrow :D

  2. Hope you feel better now. I love all your tales of parenthood with all its ups and occasional downs. Just had all three sons here (Toby 27,Harry,24 and George 17 plus two Claires - 1 wife and 1 partner)It was wonderful to just sit back and watch them sharing stories and cameraderie. The pleasures just go on and on. lots of love to you all, alison


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