Monday, November 28, 2011

Water vapour, control and roast dinner.

1. A shaft of long low winter sun hits the water vapour in the bathroom, showing how the air currents move and swirl. I stand in my towel fascinated, watching the illuminated specks dancing as I breathe.

2. Alec finally  makes himself understood -- he wasn't asking me to change the radio station, or dance with him. He wanted to the remote control.

3. Perfect crackling, and perfect roast parsnips.


  1. Remotes and keys -- such fun! The world is his toy!
    A TV/VCR repair guy suggested covering remotes with plastic (inside a bag is easiest) to keep food spills and such from gumming up the works. This might be a good idea if Alec is going to be chewing on it. For me, it's also a way to cover the possibly rubber soft buttons (latex allergy here).

  2. What a great idea, Mary! I'm hoping to find a toy one (and a toy phone, a toy laptop and some toy glasses) for him to play with -- but the only ones I've seen don't look very much like a real remote control as they are all in primary colours. And most of them talk and sing, too.

  3. I believe I've read that the assumption that children like bright primary colors has been challenged with one that says they prefer black and white . . . hard to tell. Maybe you could encase old, non-working electronics in tough plastic to baby-proof them . . or make models . . .?

  4. I've heard that they prefer flesh tones, too. I think he just wants something that looks like what we are using.

    I've been looking out for non-working remotes, but they tend to get recycled here, under new(ish) electronics disposal rules.


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