Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A cuddle, more food and raise your hand.

1. The first thing Alec says when he wakes up is "Mummy cuddle".

2. I am making toast for elevenses -- but I'm not doing it quickly enough, it seems. When I turn round, Alec has retrieved from the draining board the bowl of porridge that he rejected at breakfast and is shovelling it down with a lot of enthusiasm. He eats the toast as well.

3. 12-week scan. "There's the heartbeat," says the sonographer -- I like her sense of priority, and I like to see the bright flutter at the centre of Lickle Tiny Baby's chest. "And you can see the hand up by the face."


  1. Lovely to hear where you are up to in the pregnancy. Alec's going to make a wonderful big brother. Even at not quite three, our eldest, Toby,now 28, was very involved and protective of his younger brother, Harry (who was recently best man at Toby's wedding) The delights of parenthood (and concerns)go on and on.


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