Friday, December 07, 2012

Surreal, support and sandwich.

1. Nick reports that while he and Alec were playing this morning, "There was one strange moment where the Vicar changed the Calpol Lady's nappy." Various little people populate Alec's railway layout to catch the trains and lock and unlock the houses: Granny, Baba, Daddy and Godmother Larlie are all various wooden figures in primary colours. The Vicar is a triangular blue brick meant to represent the roof of a clocktower. The Calpol Lady is a Champagne cork with a face inexpertly drawn on (by me). Alec likes to lie on the floor moaning "Poorly, poorly" while she drives up in her ambulance with medicine for him.

2. I'm back to feeling shattered again today: Nick's presence makes it all seem doable.

3. A Marmite and cucumber sandwich on new bread.

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  1. Oh, their active little minds! A friend once convinced her husband to change their girls' diapers years before men commonly did such "woman's work" by pointing out that she changed diapers because she loved their girls, but if he didn't love them that much, she would just love them more . . . so Alec is just sharing the caring?
    I hope you are feeling better -- healing thoughts and hugs!


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