Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Polar Express, on the bridge and late night treat.

1. Behind our heads the film Polar Express is running in silence. Alec stares and stares at the reindeer pawing and prancing as the heave Father Christmas' sleigh in the sky. I get the impression, though, that he thinks there is not enough 'steamy toot-toot' action.

2. The manlet stops to press a rivet on the railway bridge -- just in case it is a button that does something. I notice tenacious silver lichen growing on the metal balustrade.

3. Godfather Timothy and Rachel have come bringing presents, and Alec, as a special treat (both for him and them!) is allowed to stay downstairs playing with his trains and chatting with the grown-ups. He is very good, and at the end, goes up to bed cheerfully.


  1. been so long since i have properly read your 3 beautiful things-still think they are a great idea. glad you are all into the chrismtas spirit. have a merry one x

  2. Happy to report the dandelion salad is a massive hit with Barney. I put a handful in with his nuggets this morning and the first thing he did, after bounding out of his bedroom, was pull out the salad and start crunching away like Alec did with his crisps last night.

  3. Have you been to the Science Museum with Alec yet, with all its wonderful buttons to press? (and that's also for you and Nick!)
    I love your Christmas picture - happy Christmas to you all, Warmest Wishes

  4. Chatting with the grown ups already? Getting big!

  5. There has been a rabbit in the bushes by my front door the last few mornings, startled and running away from my scary intrusion. I put out a baby carrot last night, to try to make amends . . .
    A student once told me that her pet rabbit loved Popsicles. Salad sounds healthier . . .

  6. Thanks Robyn, glad I haven't lost my touch.

    Tim and Mary: Rabbit lover badges for both of you! Mary, you seem to attract animals like a pied piper.

    Alison: No, but it's on the to-do list, once the summer holidays are over. It sounds like a good rainy day out.

    Joe: I do try to include him in whatever we do, because there's nothing sadder than an ignored toddler (but I hope he won't turn out bumptious -- I'm hoping he will absorb good manners somehow...)


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