Saturday, July 26, 2014

Making up, brave and chocolate cakes.

1. We have a brief altercation because Alec wants me to look (again) at his sticky ninja and I just want to a few minutes peace so I can hang out the washing. When things have calmed down he surprises and delights me with this: "Thorry for pestering you, Mummy."

2. Brave Amy tries to comfort a thrashing, howling Bettany while I deal with a thrashing howling Alec.

3. She has brought us moussy little chocolate cakes. "They're made with beans and coconut oil," she says. They taste delicious, like classy Bounty bars.


  1. Number one is so lovely. Alec is really growing up.

  2. i can confirm Amy's beany coconut cakes are brilliant!


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