Monday, July 28, 2014

Steam roller, waterbutt and sunflower.

1. I was telling Grandad my story about the night I was woken by a steam roller in the wee small hours and he told me that his uncle operated a council steam roller for years and years until he retired at the age of 80. "After school I used to go to my aunt's house and she'd tell me where he was and I'd have my bread and jam and I'd go and find him wherever he was working. He let me up there and let me throw coal in the firebox."

2. Grandad has given me a little hacksaw and I use it to fit my new waterbutt to the downpipe. We spend the rest of the day anxiously watching the sky to see if it will rain. In the end I resort to pouring a few cans full of water in so I can test the tap.

3. To look up, catch a flash of yellow and realise that one of my two sunflowers has bloomed. It has its face turned to the wall like sulky Sue. I rotate the pot to help it feel more involved.