Thursday, January 06, 2005

There will be a short interlude while I go on holiday. I will return next week with some beautiful things.




  1. Hi Clare- I hope your holiday is fun! Here are three beautiful things from me in your absence:

    1. Coming home to find the neighbors aren't being *too* loud.

    2. Drinking hot chocolate while doing my online French tutorial (Le chat pratique avec moi; il dit "le meow!")

    3. Making luscious Tuscan Tomato Bacon Soup with Parmesan Sage rolls for dinner.

  2. 1) Southend United being fourth in their league.
    2) Going to a 'Bike It!' class at the gym and being the only 'student' taking part.
    3) 'Rising Damp: The Complete Works', only £20 on DVD at HMV.


  3. Here's another set:

    1. Settling into bed with the remains of the Sunday paper and cats all over you

    2. Discovering a new band ( by pure serendipity

    3. Spending too much money on CDs, candy, and Indian takeaway but feeling like it was an absolutely essential life experience that you do so


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