Monday, January 30, 2006

Water marks, best light and predator.

1. The stripes on a wildebeast's neck -- they look as if someone has poured water on them.

2. Marabou storks are not the most lovely of birds -- think insincere undertaker: 'I am so dreadfully sorry to hear about your loss; do peruse our coffin selection.' And then -- I know this is going to be difficult, but imagine a sort of scrotum hanging round their necks. And they have bald wrinkly heads like vultures, too. But standing on a yellow acacia tree in front of a dark storm sky, they are wonderful.

3. Finding a lioness on the side of the road with her nose in a fresh kill.

Serengeti National Park, Kenya


  1. What a lovely basis for a blog!

    More power to you!

    Enjoy your trip.

  2. oh come on, Clare, those Tunbridge Wells lionesses aren't good enough for you? ;)

  3. 4. Being able to take off TEN WEEKS to go on tour. (lucky so and so)

  4. Hello

    I stumbled on your blog through links from numerous nasty (though funny) sarky ones.

    It's been like walking from a dark underground bar into the blinding sunlight. It's taken me a good few minutes to realise that you are geuninely writing about good things!

    I'll be back for cheering up.

  5. Friends being supportive and lovely just when you really need it. Thanks everyone!

  6. 1. drawing breath in and letting it out
    2. three kids safe and sound in bed, untouched by anything but their wonderful daily existence
    3. tomorrow is a new day

  7. I just noticed, at the bottom of your post you've written "Serengeti National Park, Kenya"... but it's in Tanzania :-( Give us some credit :-(


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