Thursday, September 14, 2006

Warmth, furniture and storm.

1. A hotwater bottle on my aching back.

2. Monica's shelves. Robert and I were on our way to the pub when we spotted a set of designer stacking shelves labeled £25 standing outside a large house. We rang the doorbell and a man stuck his head out of the top floor window. I offered him our £20 beer money. 'I'm sure Monica will take £20. I'll come down.' So we walked away through the rain carrying the shelves. I only hope Monica wasn't the victim of a malicious prank by her housemates.

3. Watching the thunderstorm from the safety of my flat.


  1. The house almost opposite ours is selling things outside its front door. I wonder if it is the same. You seem to be having a busy time just now. And the busy-ness is reflected in the liveliness of your beautiful things.

  2. The thunderstorm blew our power out, so we sat around chatting by candlelight while the rain crashed against the windows.

  3. So, who got Monica's shelves? And do they fit in well?

  4. Plutarch -- It's the same sale. I am pretty busy. I would like to calm down a little and spot some unbusy beautiful things, however. That was a good reminder -- thanks.

    Joe -- I got Monica's shelves. They are a bit out-of-place at the moment, but I reckon there's somewhere for them in the new flat.


  5. I LOVE hot water bottles. They are the cure to ev-ery-thing. No question about it


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