Monday, November 26, 2007

Eaten, first contact and us two.

1. A belly comfortably full of breakfast.

2. A phone call from my mother to say that she and Daddy are safely back from their holiday and have had a magical time. She gossips about other members of the group and listens to my woes and describes the things she has seen and gives me some advice.

3. Nick and I have our favourite restaurant all to ourselves. It has wood-fired pizza oven, and Nick says that next time, I must sit facing the kitchen so I can see it, rather than having to watch the flames reflected in the window.

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  1. My sister in law made parsnip pie for Thanksgiving. Parsnips are a lovely sweet root vegetable that we just don't appreciate enough in the States. Everyone gave it a chance, but in the end, I was lucky enough to take half the pie home myself.


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