Sunday, November 18, 2007

Race, touch of magic and sweetcorn.

1. Walking across the Grove, a tennis ball rolls over my toes. I almost trip over the black and white dog chasing it, and then the owner just misses running into me. We laugh about it -- how very English.

2. An oldish woman, perfectly coiffed and dressed, stands outside Hoopers. She is wearing startling glossy red lipstick. I imagine she must be a fairy godmother.

3. Gnawing sweetcorn off the cob.


  1. The very best way to eat sweetcorn ...

  2. My new apartment faces west, which means that every night I get my own private sunset through a portrait of bare trees, brick chimneys, and church spires. This evening I discovered that there's a period of about 5 seconds when the sunset casts a brilliant pink rectangle on my wall, like a movie screen from another world.

  3. Spending a weekend with 6th form college friends, decorating one of their houses, demolishing lots of wine and good home cooked food whilst catching up on each others lives, altogether generally forgetting about the realities of weekday responsibilities and celebrating friendship.

    And looking forward to seeing my sister in the Netherlands on Thursday - for the first time since August!!! Yippeeeeee.

    Thankyou again for bringing light and cheer to me when the autumnal blustery icy winds begins to eat away at me.

  4. Christine -- I love those pink sunset rectangles. Next time I buy a house, I shall demand to know if they ever happen, and if not, I shan't buy.

    Anonymous -- I'm very pleased to have cheered you up. I know exactly how you feel about autumn's icy winds. I saw my sister last week for the first time in ages, and it was such a tonic. As time goes on, I value more and more my sibling relationships.


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