Friday, November 09, 2007

Grazers, digger and against the window.

The wonderful Nick is taking me away for a few days of afternoon teas, very large baths, huge dinners and massages. Normal service will resume after we get back.

On Monday, I'm hosting a leg of the It is just you, everything's not shit tour.

1. The sound of sheep munching.

2. A mole hill that is still fresh.

3. Towards the end of the day, a sudden storm lashes the windows. At first, after so many crisp sunny days, we are confused by the sound.


  1. Have a wonderful, relaxing, indulgent time with Nick.

  2. I love the way your 3 BT's make me laugh, smile, go mmmmm in recognition, or aaahhhh, isn't that lovely.
    Have a lovely break with Nick; you deserve it.
    For anyone who is inclined to complain that you have missed a few days, let them get on and write their own to share with people. We shouldn't be so dependent on you - I am going to start my own shortly. Many thanks to you Claire

  3. Apologies for misspelling your name, Clare.
    There are so many lovely Clares/Claires in my life, I forget who has which spelling - this includes my son's girlfriend, my husband's nephew's wife and my oldest friend from brownie days, who introduced me to the wonderful Metamorphic Technique, which I now practice - all Claires, and then 2 Clares who give loads of time to their schools' PTA's,despite busy family committments. What is it about the name?

  4. OH, afternoon teas and huge dinners.

  5. A 3BT in Clare's absence:

    1. Small, stiff, overweight dogs romping through the leaves in the park.

    2. A whole hedge of Old Man's Beard (

    3. Coming home late and finding that Jules has let himself in and nearly finished cooking supper.

  6. Well done Katie, I love 3!


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