Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Freedom, got you and a fairtale.

1. Getting off work an hour early and being driven all the way into town when there was an amazing sunset.

2. A very small girl stands on one side of the bus stop glass; her mother is sitting on the other. They are playing a game in which the girl has to put her hands where her mother's hands are. They are both giggling.

3. I leave for writing a bit early so Katie and I can go and inspect the Hooper's window. We work along the story of Sleeping Beauty as represented using shop dummies and costumes from the National Ballet. We guess which characters are which, and discuss which dresses we like best (my favourite is a grey tutu, but the White Cat's fur striped frock comes a close second). In the wedding scene, the story says that Red Ridinghood is among the guests. 'Where is she?' wonders Katie. A passerby points her out, standing in the corner with her wolf nearby.


  1. the amusements of children so sweet and simple

  2. Interesting shop windows - don't have any here.

  3. Freedom & happy children; who could ask for anything more? :-)

  4. shop window stuff ...


  5. @Tristan -- thanks for sharing that.

  6. Of course she would be keeping her wolf on hand. It's human nature, isn't it? I do the same.


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