Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Big red, victory is mine and licence fee.

Sanchosser has made me a 3BT Wordle.

1. Our neighbours' grandson walks to the car clutching a toy fire engine almost as large as he is.

2. Trouncing Nick at Wii tennis (I think it was because let my computer tennis partner do all the work -- but I still won) and then improving my Wii fitness age from 74 to 38.

3. The sarcastic laughter and be-quiet-I-really-want-to-like-thises running under our viewing of the BBC's new archaeology drama, Bonekickers. Reaction: we were very disappointed that they didn't find any post holes; but we did like seeing the heroine dodging a nutter with a Medieval sword while dangling on ropes under a dovecot built for 666 doves over a pit full of burning crosses. Class.


  1. 'Bonekickers' is in uncomfortable middle ground at the moment. If it gets any worse it might be so bad that it's good; if it does improve, it could become watchable. The casually violent decapitation stops it being family fare, but the just plain silliness kills any attempt at grittiness.
    Estimated chance of 2nd series: 24.3%

  2. Rachel and I were out having a meal with her parents and forgot to set the video. Is Bonekickers repeated any time soon?

  3. No idea.

    I couldn't believe they thought they could get away with such unrealistic archaelogy -- the extent of my expertise is that I like Time Team; but even I knew it was All Wrong to have a piece of cloth surviving like that 'look, it's been ironised by this chain mail that despite being in the ground for about a thousand years, still articulates'.

    And 'Hmm, this wood comes from 32AD.'

  4. OMG, Clare, my last 3BT was on my Wii age, too!

    So sorry you were "74," but congrats on being in your "30s." I've fluctuated between 25 and 42, usually landing around 36 or so.

  5. Molly -- we're using Wii Sport, and I'm notoriously cack-handed, so it's really no surprise. I should probably stick to strategy games, because I'm good at those.

  6. Hi Clare,

    My kids were very upset when my Wii age came out less than theirs!

    Know what you mean re Bonekickers -I so wanted to enjoy it more than I did!


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