Monday, July 21, 2008

Six weeks, up front and a place to go.

1. Nick tells me 'Six weeks' and we smile to think of all the changes that will have happened in that time. The new bathroom will be in; the kitchen floor laid; and I will have 23m of shelves on the left of the fireplace.

2. We sit right under the stage at the Tunbridge Wells Mela so PaulV can take pictures. In front of us, little girls of all colours and sizes copy the Bangladeshi dancers, and children rest their chins on the stage, entranced. Here's Plutarch's take on it over at Now's the Time. And you can see what Anonymous Bosch made of it at in three posts at Street Photography in Tunbridge Wells: part 1, part 2 and part 3.

3. In the evening park, two sturdy teenagers sit on the swings drinking bottles of beer.


  1. The mela was fantastic, but if I hadn't heard its sounds blown by the wind, I wouldn't have known about it. How long do you suppose the word mela has been in use in the UK to describe this sort of event?

  2. I knew because I went last year and I was looking out for it.

    I don't think 'mela' has been in use in the UK for that long.

    I wasn't really aware of the word until I saw a documentary a couple of years ago about one in India -- the Kumba Mela, which is supposed to be the largest gathering in the world. It makes Glastonbury look pretty silly!

    It's a lovely word, though -- it makes me think of melee and melange (I wonder if they are related).

  3. I wonder if I got photographs of you=)

  4. Lovely pics, Mr B, but none of me. I spotted a dashing photographer and wondered if it was you, but I didn't like to interrupt!

    You did chat with PaulV, however -- he told me later that he'd talked to a photoblogger after I'd gone, and I guess that must have been you.

  5. Really looked like a fun time! I love the costumes folks wore

  6. Thank you for adding links to my photos =)=)


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