Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Leave-taking, it goes this way and girl's night out.

1. I kiss Nick goodbye at the station -- letting our fingertips slip apart -- and set off home to begin my working day.

2. Sitting on a bench in the sun, I realise that I can flip my A6 notebook sideways for a whole new writing experience.

3. Celebrating Louise's birthday by watching the gloriously silly Mamma Mia! and eating icecream.


  1. I try to challenge myself to write differently in my notebooks. Upside down, side to side, back to front. Sometimes it feels very hard to break with convention but very liberating when you do. Although I'm still hopelessly bound to black ink.

  2. i love your site, every visit reminds me to notice the beauty in my life. Thanks !

  3. #1 what a lovely thing that you feel it so many take for granted..


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