Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not alone, needs some work and teabreak.

1. I have to do the weekly food shopping alone because Nick is out looking for mortgages. As I struggle home with the bags, I try to remember when I last had to do this by myself -- it was a long time ago.

2. We view a house that has 1970s geometric sunflower wallpaper in the bathroom. It must have been quite something when it was new. In the cellar, the cobwebs hang in swags and sagging stalactites from the low ceiling.

3. In the graveyard, the volunteers explain (with a trace of guilt) that they are on their teabreak.

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  1. I have photographs of me in my parents home with that 1970's wallpaper.

    Interestingly an American friend identified the period immediately, and commented that it was interesting that homes both sides of the Atlantic had awful garish wallpaper at that time.


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