Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Got it done, different inside and red dots.

1. I had an awful experience trying to book some train tickets recently, and I've been putting off trying again and putting it off... and off... and the people who are doing the same journey as us said: 'You'd better get in quick if you want the cheap tickets' and I put it off some more and worried about it. And then yesterday, I did it. Tickets are in the post.

2. We view a house that is 1960s ugly on the outside, but wonderful inside where an architect has put in a glass door to the garden that runs the full height of the split level sitting room, dining room and kitchen.

3. The paprika falls on my soup in dots, which expand suddenly like ink drops in water.

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  1. 1. Being told by a friend over sympathy drinks that she thinks now that I'm out of work, something big is on the horizon for me, writing-wise.

    2. While I was cleaning out my desk yesterday, I found an old fortune cookie fortune that said basically that same thing. I just happened to be wearing a poison-ring that I never wear, so I folded it up and put it inside for good luck.

    3. Realizing that, hey, I have a front porch. I can sit out on my front porch and write all day today if I want to.


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