Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ball, rally and on the way home.

1. Beano Cook, the 'pope of college football', pontificates to his listeners. As someone who has trouble remembering what he had for breakfast, I marvel at how he so vividly recalls incidents from games played half a century ago.

2. The afternoon is dragging, until Charlotte rallies us with the cry of "let's put the kettle on!" As we make hurriedly for the kitchen I wonder if there will be a biscuit I can snuffle.

3. On the train in the evening I pause from reading my paper to think of the beautiful girl who's waiting for me to get home.

Text by Nick Law

1 comment:

  1. I love the phrase 'I wonder if there will be a biscuit I can snuffle.'

    It reminds me of my Dad, I think he used the word 'snaffle' instead. And it's always in that kind of minor food theft context.


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