Saturday, November 07, 2009

Glazed, in this edition and revision.

1. We pick up our creations from my hen do. The glaze has deepened all the colours. Pastels have become jewel shades.

2. The mother drops a free paper down on the table. "They gave me this. I've been carrying it around all morning. Do you want it?" It's the edition with my first arts feature in. We jump around the kitchen.

3. While Nick is having his stag do, I revise for tomorrow's assessment. I'm glad I scribbled all the medical definitions in my course book.


  1. The big day must be soon. Best wishes to you both. I saw the article. When is the one about blogging due to appear?

  2. 13 days and counting...

    I'm not sure when the blogging article will appear. But I'm really enjoying the work, so I hope it continues.

  3. I have been reliably informed it may appear next weekend -too many firework stories to squeeze it in this week!


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