Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beech, viewing and evening gardening.

1. The leaves of the beech tree are still new, lime green, but there is not a scrap of sky between them.

2. The viewing is over and the flat is mine again.

3. In the early evening, to hear scrape-scrape-scrape scrape-scrape -- someone is hoeing weeds out of their drive.


  1. Any 'bites' from the recent viewings?

  2. Sadly no.

    Anyone out there want to buy Nick's flat?

    It's got one bedroom and a spacious sitting room and bathroom and a kitchen big enough for a table. It's in a quiet, leafy location just 12 minutes from the station and five minutes from the shops.

  3. Keep positive, it took us ages to get a buyer, but everything is great now. :-)


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