Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who is he, another nap and last of the cupcakes.

1. I'm chatting with the volunteers at the Oxfam bookshop, and they are wondering about Plutarch, who writes Now's the Time. They know he frequents the shop, but they can't think who he is. I give them a (flattering) description, and tell them to bait a trap with some French books.

2. It's been a long day. I barely have time to get my shoes off before I fall asleep.

3. Nick brings me the last of the cupcakes to me as I lie in the bath.


  1. A cupcake and a lovely warm bath... sounds heavenly!

  2. Who is Plutarch what is he? I rather wish I were in their position, of trying to imagine what he might look like and whether someone might be him. Perhaps we ought to offer a prize to the one who guesses, or deduces, correctly, rather like those things they used to do in 'Brighton Rock' and 'Poirot', you know, 'find Kolly Kibber and claim your 2 guinea prize', something like that...


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