Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lie in, practice and clean bath.

1. Nick has a day off, and we sleep in until almost noon.

2. The carrycot portion of Baby Badger's transport arrangement arrives. We put it together to make sure it's all in order. When I come into the sitting room where Nick is watching a baseball game, the cot is in the corner. "I'm just practising," he says.

3. The bath bomb -- which smelt deliciously of orange and spices -- has left brick red scum round the bath. It's very satisfying to clean it off.


  1. I love a lie in. I think I shall aspire to that shortly.

  2. I commented to you a while ago and mentioned that I wasn't ready to start my own 3BT blog - I started a different blog instead - as it seemed too much of a struggle to find 3 things every day.

    Well I have started one! Not quite every day, but that is more to do with busyness than not finding 3 things. And I am working on it. It is great to work on feelings of gratitude and remember the good things every day.

    PS be a bit careful with bath bombs, they are not usually recommended while you are pregnant.


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