Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Up a ladder, storm and chocolates.

1. I am woken with the horrid words: "There's no hot water, darling girl." I send an unwilling husband up a ladder to check the boiler. "Yes, I know you're going to be late," I tell him, "But I thought you'd be more cross if I went up by myself." Lucky for us, it's just that the central heating needs repressurising -- the landlord has left a helpful note next to the valve -- and the house is soon full of ticks and clunks and warmth.

2. There's a storm coming in -- oily black clouds are looming over us, the light is tobacco stained and a wild sunset is rampaging on the horizon. The landlord hopes he can get home before the rain comes in from Sussex.

3. There are two chocolates left, that is all.


  1. It was all right -- one each! And it was an enormous box to start with, about a foot square.

  2. "tobacco stained" light - fantastic. A new follower, loving this blog!

  3. Hi 3BT, I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and today posted a link to it on mine... Thanks for your BTs


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