Friday, October 22, 2010

Stores, the hunger and first grandchild.

Zee has written about taking the time to notice. I liked her friend's thought about making each day special by making one thing stand out in her mind. That's one of the reasons I keep 3BTing -- I'm not happy with the idea that days slip away un-noticed and unloved.

1. First frost. I catch a squirrel in the act of digging up its winter food stock.

2. The after-yoga biscuit wasn't enough. I bought and ate a sticky bun on the way up the hill. My chiropractor tells me that when she was pregnant she once got the hunger and had to go over the road to the cafe in the park. "About three of my clients walked past -- what they must have thought of their chiropracter eating something as unhealthy as egg, beans and chips."

3. "There's no mistaking that," says my mother, embracing the part of me that contains her grandchild-to-be.


  1. I love #2. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I CRAVED raw onions. No one seemed to want to come near me! Oh, well!

  2. so lovely unloved parts of a day- My grandchild has moved far away and I am so lonely except in thought..sandy

  3. An award for you! :)


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