Saturday, January 08, 2011

All change, put away and can you do it please.

Yvette has started writing Today I am Thankful posts on her blog. Anyone else made a new year's resolution to blog 3BT-style?

1. To hand my husband his changed and clean infant son.

2. I only put a few Christmas decorations out this year. Now it's time to wrap them in tissue and put them back in their boxes. I haven't taken down the cards yet, because thanks to the snow hold-ups they are still trickling in. I'm almost looking forward to the task -- the shelves always look so clean and empty afterwards.

3. To ask Nick to take a damp Alec away and change him.


  1. No favorites today, Clare! I love them all!

  2. Might also be nice to have your husband hand back a clean and diapered child, though I'm sure he does that quite often. (different 3 post though)

  3. I have been writing 3BT in journal for a while and a reoccurring one seems to be a nice cup of tes or my bed :) So glsad I found this blog, cheered me up x


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