Thursday, January 06, 2011

Real world, it's in the tabs and rite of passage.

1. It's a day of visitors. First PaulV comes round to meet Alec and take a few photos. Then in the evening, Katie and Jules drop by for their introduction. It is so good to see some non-baby people.

2. We tell the midwife about this morning's baby grow filler poomagedon experience. She shows us how to put a nappy on -- properly this time. "You can do the tabs up tighter than you think." And despite the extreme off-loading, Alec has put on a pleasing few ounces.

3. While Nick gets ready for bed, I sit at the kitchen table typing a post one-handed with Alec on my knee.

Picture by Paul Viney


  1. I had to look up "baby grow". We generally call those "onesies" here. I love the term Poomageddon. I've experienced a few of those myself. (Not me, personally, but my babies...)
    You will learn to do many things one-handed.

  2. You will learn to do many things with the babe in one arm! Welcome to motherhood, Clare!

  3. Though I'm a bit late to the party, I'd like to add my heartfelt congratulations. Your little boy just looks so sweet.

  4. So happy for you! The little fellow couldn't have asked for a better mother :-)


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