Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trousers, introductions and oooer Missus.

1. I notice that Nick has hung Alec's new brown cord trousers on the end of the bed next to his own pair.

2. Caroline and Maggie (who is now nine months old) come to meet Alec. Caroline swears he gives her a smile -- I think she might be right, as I'm sure I've seen him do it, too -- while Maggie empties the wastepaper basket, plays it like a tin drum and appreciates the scrunchy papers inside.

3. The doorbell rings. I pick up Alec and his trousers fall off. By the time I get the door open, his nappy has also gone astray. The salesman almost runs down the path.


  1. cool blog :) now i'm thinking of posting my 3BTs too.

  2. Go for it! Let me know when you do, and I'll put you on the Roll of Honour.

  3. Clare, I just took a look in on your blog as I do periodically. Yours was the first blog I came across and inspired me to start blogging, which I have done sporadically for the last few years. This year I'm doing a 40 challenges blog for my 40th birthday. Anyway, I digress, I'm really posting to say I was so thrilled to read your news about the birth of your baby. It's so strange how in the blogging world you can feel like you know someone and how you've seen them grow through their posts over the years. Congratulations. Lovely news. XX

  4. Sarah -- I love your 40 challenges plan: what a wonderful way to celebrate this year.


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