Friday, December 02, 2011

The bite, toast and not very good.

1. When I pick Alec up from nursery, they tell me that there's been a biting incident. My heart plummets to my boots. Alec bit me badly while feeding a couple of weeks back (it got infected, I had to have antibiotics and now I've got oral thrush which is so painful that I don't want to eat, particularly chocolate). He's been biting when he gets excited, and we've warned the nursery and worked hard to curb this troubling habit. To my relief it turns out that he was bitten by another child -- identified only as 'A' in the write-up. He was putting his finger in their mouth at the time. The treatment was a cold compress and a cuddle, and he seems to have forgotten all about it. Of course I'm very sad and sorry for my poor manlet... but a terrible part of me is thinking: "Now you know how it feels, you little horror."

2. After an afternoon apart, to sit and eat toast together.

3. Catherine rings. "Good time, bad time?" she asks as always. Tonight it is definitely a good time, and we chat on. She says she has had a tough time herding the children into bed tonight. Ellie started making a crown at an awkward time. When challenged she said she needed it for school tomorrow. "What? You need a crown for tomorrow and you tell me now? What's it for?"
It seems it's for a swimming class.
"But you don't learn swimming, Ellie. Go to bed."


  1. You've reminded me of a family story -- my uncle Don had a biting habit and would run across the room with his mouth wide open to bite his next victim. My father (older brother) grabbed Don's arm and put it in front of his mouth, so he bit himself. The innocent "he bit himself" didn't work, though. Grandma knew John was responsible for the baby crying.
    One day you'll have so many stories of Alec's to tell him . . . and then someday, his children.
    (Yogurt might help the thrush).

  2. I'm a bit scared about what will happen when Alec can run!

    I'll give yoghurt a go. I should have been eating it during the antibiotic course, really. It's a lesson learnt -- I would normally have gone for the topical option, rather than the systemic, but the cream had to be washed off before each feed and I wasn't convinced I'd do a good enough job.

  3. Not all kids are bite, but it's very common, especially at Alec's age. My first was a biter, my second wasn't. It's very upsetting when your child bites someone but they do grow out of it!

  4. Thanks Elderflowerpresse -- one of my friends says she had a biter, too. I like knowing I'm not alone!

  5. I have a tiny scar on my nose to remind me of a bite I received in the nursery. I'm still friends with "the biter" all these years later.


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