Friday, December 23, 2011

The swing, roundabout and lingering.

1. Alec laughs -- and shows all his teeth -- when I push him on the swing.

2. She is small, but she looks kind and sensible, so I put Alec on her empty roundabout and stand back while she pushes him round.

3. Alec's key person comes back from lunch just as we arrive at nursery. It's the first day that I don't have to go to work, so I dawdle in the baby room while she finds her slippers. I like to linger over unbuttoning him, and to watch him take in the changes to the room.


  1. Didn't have satnav when "Piggies" was written! Remind me to show you the "Cherry Stone" one when we meet.

  2. I've never heard the 'I can't find my way home' line . . . and I've played this little piggy for a loooooong time.
    Another favorite game of my mother's was to put her hand over the child's hand on the table, then child's hand, then her hand, then put bottom hand on top hand, faster and faster, until all the hands get mixed up . . . ends in giggles every time.

    Sometimes she'd start with fingers creepy-crawling over the table toward, or up the front of, a giggly child. It's just amazing what children find fun!


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