Thursday, January 10, 2013

Book parcels, tantrum and no more mummy.

1. There's a knock at the door (Alec lets out a joyful, hopeful cry of "GRANNY!"). It's the postman. He puts two parcels, each containing a book, into my hands.

2. To face down a tantrum (down on the floor so I can look Alec in the eye and say I am genuinely sorry that we can't right this minute watch any train films on YouTube).

3. Alec is eating his supper very.... very.... slowly. I have finished mine and am sorting laundry while watching a conversation on Facebook (rude). I go back to the table and make some small talk about the train (pieces of apple) he is crashing into an Ocado van (bread crust). He says: "Go way Mummy do pooter work."
"But I-"
"No more Mummy."
I retire to the far end of the table with this month's poetry book.


  1. I too faced down a tantrum today. Later I got to hold that same toddler while he slept - much more peaceful.

  2. 3 is so like a little Clare when she'd had enough bedtime story, invariably in the middle of a thread I wanted to finish!

  3. Oh, getting independent already.


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