Thursday, May 01, 2014

Old games, hold her for me and don't need you.

1. To play finger games with Bettany -- Two Little Dickie Birds and Here is the Church and Here's the lady's Knives and Forks. She pays close attention, as if the actions are quite miraculous.

2.  When I pick up Alec, they have a form for me to fill in. Bettany isn't in the sling but one of the staff takes her for me and chats to her while I sign and tick.

3. Alec asks me to leave the room while he falls asleep. He calls me back about two minutes later, but I think this is the start of a new regime. I don't mind sitting with him while he falls asleep, but I'd much prefer to read or do some mending. At the moment I have to lie in the dark, frequently reminding him to stop talking and lie still with his head on the pillow, feet pointing downwards.

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  1. Finger games are great. I had a Japanese friend who said Japanese mothers are quite dismayed by how little Western mothers do in that way with their children; they're reckoned not only to enhance manual dexterity but cognitive development in general, plus making them good at origami! So get playing those finger games!


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