Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our morning, sticky cakes and mystery picture.

This blog will mark its tenth birthday on Sunday. We're having cake and something fizzy to mark the date.

I'm going to have a think back and find my favourite beautiful thing; and I would love it if any readers wanted to do the same.

And those of you who have your own 3BT blogs, I'd love to hear about your own favourite posts.

1. After we have dropped Bettany off we get a 'cup of copy and a cakey' on the High Street. Alec tells me what he wants to do for the rest of the morning: 'Go to the park and the swings for a very long time; go home and have ALL THE BUB; and then have sausage casserole for lunch.' So I  make a list and this is what we do.

2. Alec asks for another batch of jammy thumbprint cakes, so we whip some up. He does most of the shaping himself and all of the thumbprinting, apart from one that we help Bettany to do.

3. At bedtime he asks for Heliya's wonderful picture... which I don't think I've told you about. It came in the post the other week and at first we couldn't think who had sent it. You can imagine how delighted and intrigued we were. Anyway, he has a colossal tantrum today at bedtime, and then quite suddenly calms down and asks to look at it. We spend a happy quarter of an hour chatting about the details, the brave climbers and the dolphin eating an ice cream and where Alec was galloping to on a dinosaur. I'd like to say he then drifted off to sleep, but he didn't.


  1. And is that you lounging in the bikini?

  2. I've followed your blog for a number of years - that is a wonderful number to reach...during that time I've had a couple of different blogs so I admire your perseverence in going on through the times when you may have not really had time or felt tired (two children can do that). I am so glad you have though - you have inspired me and many other bloggers and I hope you do for long years to come. Take care and happy bloggy birthday :D

  3. Wow, 10 years, well done! I was just extolling the virtues of 3BTing at the weekend - about what an accessible format it is and how much it helps me refocus on positive things -- thanks so much for creating something great and for sticking with it for so long :)

    Some of my favourite posts of yours have been when you are interacting with Rosey in Antarctica - when you/your parents are holding up laptops so she can hear traffic and bird song, or when she's out of sync with flowers in the garden. I don't know why but they've stuck with me.

    I also like the post when Nick proposed - I think I had only recently found your blog then and I liked how simply you described it, just beautiful.

    To ten more years! (?!!)


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