Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Aiming high, here now and pushing.

1. We visit a primary school with Alec today. It is bright and noisy and busy and studious and the children who show us round are enthusiastic and confident and we like it a lot. Afterwards Alec tells us he thinks it's a good school for him because the teachers have not killed anyone.

2. When I came to pay I found I'd forgotten my purse. "You're here now," said the coffee shop man, "So drink up and you can bring the money in later." This is extraordinarily kind of him: he hadn't even started making my tea yet.

3. Deliberate naughtiness on Bettany's part: the third time she grabs the bucket of sugar packets off a nearby table she glances behind her to catch my eye, gives a naughty laugh and then scampers round to the seat of a wing chair where I can't see her. When I get there she is emptying the bucket in double handfuls. This is sophisticated, boundary testing and she is getting very grown up.


  1. This is a great post. You do such a great job of recording your children's milestones. The worth of these words will grow exponentially the older they get. I admire what you've done with your writing and your commitment to these stories.

    P.S. What a nice coffee shop man!

  2. I LOVE the "teachers haven't killed anyone" criteria, by which I retain the right to consider myself a very good teacher. ;-)

  3. 'The teachers haven't killed anyone' really is hilarious, I do hope he's right. My secondary school RE (!) teacher was reputed to have once pushed someone down the stairs, but I gather the girl survived and the teacher continued in her post. I met her (the teacher) years later at a school reunion and she really was very nice.


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